Slim Pasta Noodles

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Slim Pasta Noodles

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Slim Pasta Noodles

What is Slim Pasta Noodles?

Buy Slim Pasta Noodles (noodles)Slim Noodles Pasta is a variety of food dough which only contains  12 kcal per 100 g and further containing a 0% carbohydrate, fat, sugar and gluten . With this very special composition, this food becomes essential for weight loss, and it also helps you maintain your cholesterol levels.

Best of all, Slim Pasta is a great alternative for people with gluten intolerance and vegetarians and vegans. Now you can eat pasta without feeling guilty and without remorse. The Noodles variety of Slim Pasta consists of an approximation to the typical noodles of semolina hard paste, but which, being made from the konjac root, far from fattening can be very useful at the time of slimming.

Why does Slim Pasta Noodles work?

The konjac root is the source of glucomannanSlim Pasta is produced from natural fibers , called glucomannan, obtained from the  konjac plant . The latest scientific research of the European Authorities on Food Safety have demonstrated unmistakably that glucomannan produces satiety, helps in the fight against overweight and may improve cholesterol levels . Glucomannan is an important source of fiber for low-carbohydrate nutritional plans!

The uniqueness of this fiber is that it creates a feeling of fullness even up to 4 hours after having ingested. At the same time that it produces sensation of satiety, it turns out that it is exceptionally low in calories, especially if we compare it with the rest of traditional pastas that are in the market. A pack of 200 grams contains only 24 kcal. That same amount of traditional paste with unprocessed durum wheat can contribute up to 700 kcal, about 30 times more! For this reason, consuming Slim Pasta frequently is a simple way to reduce calorie consumption, greatly limit carbohydrate intake and actively contribute to the burning of stored fat, allowing you to lose weight fast, healthy and efficient.

How can you prepare Slim Pasta Noodles?

Slim Pasta Noodles Slim Noodles Pasta is very easy to prepare , and which can be applied any preparation commonly used for that traditional pasta. The product is prepared in a vacuum bag and is pre-cooked, so it is only necessary calertarlo  a couple of minutes to get a wonderful pasta dish that your desk chair . All you have to do is to thoroughly wash the pre-cooked Slim Pasta Noodles with tap water and then lightly heat it in a frying pan, microwave or even in the conventional oven. You can then add your spices, sauces, meats, fish and favorite vegetables to enjoy great dish with minimal or no carbohydrate content . A secret: if you want to reduce a little the natural hardness "al dente" brought by Slim Pasta Noodles, you can cook it a few minutes as you would cook the traditional pasta. But if you like pasta at its point of hardness, we have prepared it that way for you.

With Slim Pasta Noodles you can make exquisite recipes with chicken or rice. Food containing carbohydrate 0%, 0% sugar, 0% fat and 0% of gluten with a very low calorie content was never so tasty and easy ! For more information about how to prepare Slim Pasta, click here .

Slim Pasta Instructions for Use

Other varieties available from Slim Pasta

Slim pasta comes in packs of 200 grams vacuum packed and ready to serve. The different varieties available are Slim Fettuccine, Slim Spaghetti, Slim Pasta (Penne), Slim Noodles, Slim Rice and Slim Lasagne. Remember that if you are thinking about buying Slim Pasta we have offers of all kinds to make your purchase as economical as possible. You can use coupons to buy Slim Pasta you'll find on this site. If you prefer to buy Slim Pasta in various packs , you also have discounts of up to 25% when buying Pasta Slim packs varied formats.

Buy Slim Pasta

General Features of Slim Pasta Noodles:

  • Zero Carbohydrates, Zero Fats, Gluten Free, Sugar FreeYou are 100% Carbohydrate Free
  • Is 100% Fat Free
  • It is 100% Gluten Free
  • It only provides 12 Kcal per 100gr, 30 times less than the normal paste
  • It is rich in natural fiber
  • It produces the sensation of satiety
  • Helps regulate cholesterol
  • Helps to actively lose weight
  • It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Still not clear if you should buy Slim Pasta Noodles?

Look what celebrities say about Slim Pasta and decide if you want to join the growing list of people who choose a healthier diet, low in carbohydrates, calories, fats and sugars. Choose health. Choose to buy Slim Pasta.

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